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Check Out The Automobile Concept Specially Designed For Conveying The Pope Of The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is one of the biggest religious groups in the world today. And as time has it, the catholic congregation has held a long reputation of reverence to the head of the Catholic Church. This which has been seen in many aspects of the Catholic Pope's life is also evident in the kind of vehicle that move him around in public.

The Catholic Church has taken time to invest in the creation of a fully customized vehicle that will help shield the Pope from close contact with people in public places while also ensuring his safety.

The cars where originally built as customized one sitter with glass windows for seeing while being transported. However, after the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II in 1981, the use of reenforced bulletproof glasses were introduced in the recent variants of the Pope Mobile.

The vehicle that is presently being used by Pope Francis (the present head of the Catholic Church) is manufactured by popular German automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz.

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