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It Takes Courage To Succeed In Life

Someone defined courage as the ability to take bold steps towards a chosen line of action or desired goal even in the presence of fear. It refers to the capacity to confront the problems or challenges of life no matter how difficult they may be. Many people either shy away or fail to take definite steps towards addressing the trials of life.

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However, success in life does not come on a platter of gold. As a matter of fact, the road to achieving success is often never easy. The opportunities to succeed in life are usually disguised because of the herculean tasks they bring. Rather than facing these herculean tasks head on, many people tend to avoid them and as a result end up losing such opportunities.

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The story of the four lepers of Samaria written in the Bible (2nd Kings 7:3-9) is good example of the role of courage in success. Despite the fear involved in matching towards the enemy’s camp, which could lead to their death, yet they marched on.

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The dread or fear of the enemies did not deter them from pursuing their goal. Their courageous steps eventually resulted into success. In other words, apart from the God factor, their success was a product of their courage.

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Similarly, the story of David and Goliath in the Bible (1st Samuel 17:1-58) is another classic example of success accomplished through courage. As intimidating as the size of Goliath was, David faced the giant confidently. The pedigree of Goliath being a war veteran never discouraged him. God crowned David’s effort with success.

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Beloved, like David God wants to crown your efforts with success. One key thing you need to do is to confront boldly the challenges that come your way. They may be opportunities in disguise.


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