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The Mystery That Happens in The Philippines Church

Alot of people seems to doubt the Real Spirit of God, God can do mysterious things in His own way. God Can turn the impossible things to possible things because His ways are just. Every Church that truly calls upon the name of the Lord is highly protected as He has promised. 

God works in mysterious ways so that His name maybe praised always among all living creatures on earth. God can't be moved, if your faith is strong in God you will see His mysterious works in your life.

A church in Philippines got burnt but the wooden crucifix mysteriously remained intact. This is to say that the power of God is upon every church that truly does His will as written in the Holy Bible. 

It was reported that the Church got burnt by some group of people but God in His infinite mercy prove to them that He is a Living God by allowing the wooden crucifix to be intact. 

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