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4 Kinds of Personalities Who Play The Role of God-ship

The word Godship simply means a person with a rank, character or personality of a God. It could be something or someone you reverence and see as a God or god. This will depend on either man-made personality or naturally occurring personality. Such personalities are given utmost respect in their area is speciality, rank or level they belong to.

However, we will be looking at 4 kinds of personalities who play the role of godship below;

God Himself

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We can't talk about Godship without talking about the almighty God himself. He is reverence by many religions in the world and recognized as the head of them all. He is known as the creator and ruler of the Universe, and he is God over his people. He plays the role of a God and he is God without a doubt. He is known with many personalities; a father to Christians, the creator of heaven and earth, the maker of all things and many more.


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Most women don't know that their husbands play the role of godship to them. The Bible said husbands are the head of their home and wives have no right of their own except the one given to them by their husbands (Ephesians 5:22-23). This means once you are a married woman, your husband plays the role of a God in your life. Wives report to their husbands and live by their rules according to the book of 1 Corinthians 7:39, and this is how husbands play the role of the godship.


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Another personality that plays the role of godship to many people is a deity or simply say manmade god. Up to date, most people workshop idols or deities as their god and place so much reverence and attachment to them.

Your Boss

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Your boss is another personality that plays the role of godship in your life as well. As long as you work under him or her, they are like your god because anything they say goes. That's why if you challenge your boss over a decision made you might likely get a query or a sack letter. As an employee under him, he plays the role of godship to you.

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