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According To The Holy Bible, Here Are 9 Habits That Can Lead You To Hell

Heaven is real and hell is also real. Your final destination after your stay here on the earth is determined by a lot of things which include but are not limited to your habits and behaviors.

When you become born again, the Bible makes it clear that the old things are passed away and all things are considered new - 2 Corinthians 5: 17. In other words, there are some characters, habits, and behaviors you must avoid and flee from to prove that you're truly born again and you no longer belong to the kingdom of darkness.

However, it is one thing to be born again and it is another different thing to continually possess godly habits and behaviors while you get rid of the ungodly ones simultaneously. There are a few habits that can lead you to hellfire and the Holy Bible states them clearly in the book of 1 Corinthians 6: 9 & 10.

Here Are 9 Habits That Can Lead You To Hell

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1Fornication - In simpler terms, making love outside the marriage bracket or fornicating would lead you to hell.

2. Adultery - Having intercourse with someone else aside from your spouse can block your access to heaven.

3. Idolatry - One of the ten commandments is about worshipping idols. God gave a warning that you must not worship any other god. Going contrary to this warning can lead you to hellfire.

4. Stealing - It is the act of stealing that makes you a thief and not the place you stole from. As stated in the Bible no thief will have a place in heaven.

5. Covetousness - This is popularly known as " lust of the eyes ". Lack of contentment is also one of the habits that can lead you to hellfire.

Image Credit: Bible

6. Drunkenness - As a Christian, it is never a sin to drink alcohol but the Bible forbids drunkenness. All drunkards would not inherit the kingdom of God

7. Extortion/ Bribery - This is a common menace around the world today. Collecting bribes or extorting money and other valuables from your fellow will deny your access to heaven.

8. Reviling/ Blasphemy - Speaking badly against someone, backbiting and gossiping can also lead you to hell.

9. Effeminate/ Transgender - This fast-growing idea is forbidden by the Bible and all transgenders would not make heaven.

In conclusion, no unrighteous person will inherit the kingdom of God but the good news is that you can repent from the above habits today and your past would be written off. Eternity in heaven can also be guaranteed through genuine repentance.

Do you still possess any of these habits? Repent quickly today and you are sure to enjoy the goodness of heaven.

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