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Lessons To Learn: How A Lady Was Sent To Seduce Me – Arome Osayi

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The Spiritual leader and founder of Remnant Christian Network, Apostle Arome Osayi has made a deep revelation of what happened to him twelve years ago. 

The Apostle revealed how a lady was sent to seduce him while he was serving in Lagos. According to the post that appeared on Rhema Channel, Arome explained that a long time ago, a fellowship sister had given a prophetic word about his glorious destiny, revealing how great he will become in the future. The prophecy also warned that a lady will be sent to test him, a test that will determine whether his greatness will manifest or not. 

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Testifying of God's goodness, the clergyman said that it took twelve years before the devil finally appeared with that test, stressing that it took God's grace for him to overcome the temptation that eventually lasted for nine months. 

In his own words, "The lady that was sent to me, moves with a central fugal and central petal force." A term he used to describe how demonized the lady was, that was sent to seduce him. 

The good news in this revelation is that the Apostle was able to overcome the temptation, however, there are some lessons we should learn from his experience.

The transition from one realm of glory to another requires that you pass a test 

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Speaking of the prophetic words that were released about the apostle's future, we saw that there was a test tied to the fulfillment of his glory. This is not peculiar to the Apostle, for you to transit from one realm of glory to another, you must pass a test. Failure to do so may keep you at the same level for a long time. This means you should always prepare yourself for a test, most especially when you are moving from one level to another.

Pray for today but don't forget to pray for the future; the days of trials 

Apostle Arome recounted how he became weak spiritually and was unable to pray fervently during the period of his trials. It is obvious that it was not the prayers he made during the period that saved him, he must have been praying for his future.

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When we pray, we should remember to pray for our future, especially for days of trials, and challenges, when we will be weak to pray. Prayers can save you in times of trouble if you have always insured your future in the place of prayers.

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