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What make a christian spiritually powerful.

So many things can happen to a Christian despite how prayerful that Christian is. Some Christians are so prayerful yet when spiritual attacks come, they will fall.

Although prayerfulness is a very important attribute which every Christian needs but it does not guarantee completely how spiritually powerful a Christian is; so that you will not think that when you pray and shout on top of your voice, that makes you powerful.

What make a Christian spiritually powerful is his relationship with God, his understanding about the principles of God and how effective his prayers are.

Your relationship with God is determined by Faith and Obedience. It is when you have total faith in God and you remain obedient to HIM by abstaining from sins and leading a righteous life. When you maintain good relationship with God, the devil and his demons will fear you. They fear you because God is close to you, therefore there is no way they can attack you.

Having a good understanding about the principles of God is another important feature which you need as a Christian to be spiritually powerful. This has to do with how rich or endowed you are with the word of God. The word of God is your sword of warfare.

Being prayerful is another feature. And what matters in prayers is not how loud your voice is, but how effective your prayer is. Remember you talk to God in prayers; you do not shout at God. And always pay attention after praying because God always have something to tell you.

May God bless you, Amen!

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