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Pray these prophetic prayers before you step out today.

I salute you readers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, congratulations to you, for seeing another day today. I want you to anchor your faith in these prophetic prayers before you step out today or to start your work.

1 As you are stepping out this morning, the Lord will protect you, his presence will go with you, whatever places you will go, his chariots of fire shall surrounds you and your family. He will hide you from all the evil plans of your enemies.

2 The lord God shall beautify your feet through out today, meaning every where you step out your foot today is bless, you will be a blessing to others around, and you shall be honour today in Jesus name. Amen.

3 The Lord God shall favour you today, he will connect you with your destiny helper, you will not struggle, he shall go before you to prepare and make things to work out in your favour.

4 All your enemies shall be frustrate today, cause God is with you, and you are bless, no weapon formed against you will prosper. Every charm against you and your family is nullify in Jesus name. No course from your enemies shall follows you.

5 The lord shall bless the works of your hand today, your income shall be increases in all round, and he will less your struggles. You will not lack anything today, cause the lord will do you good through out today and beyond. You are bless, therefore don't be afraid of anything.

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