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Basket Mouth, Daddy Freeze And Others Should Watch Their Statement Towards David Oyedepo (Opinion)

We are in an era, where knowledge is increasing, both in the religious aspect, educational wise, etc., and at the same everyone is open to giving out his or her own opinion, or show a dissatisfaction about something. Everyone is entitled to his or her right. What works for A might not work for B, and vice versa.

Just very recent, Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel International, talked about tithing, that whoever does not pay his or her tithe is under financial curse. It caused lot of uproar in which so many people voiced out via their social media platforms, Daddy Freeze, Basket Mouth, and others also join in the talk back towards Bishop's statement.

I am of this opinion that, any Pastor who talks, will always talk from the perspective of what works for him, so if a pastor talks, and says that paying tithe is compulsory then he's talking based on the revelation he has, and no Pastor, is worth to be ridiculed, irrespective of whatever he says.

Daddy Freeze, has always been a man, who condemns pastors over whatever they say, and I don't know the biblical knowledge he has or the audacity he has to criticize, an anointed of God. Even if a man of God is wrong, it is no one's right to criticize him or her, in his statement that he released, he said that Oyedepo is actually saying nonsense, then I imagine, can his (Daddy Freezy) own son tell him, that he is saying nonsense because he is wrong with whatever he's telling his child? We really should watch how we talk to people who can give birth to us. Whatsoever a man sows, that's what he will reap. God will never be wicked.

Basket Mouth, whatever anybody believes, is what will work for him, I have seen and noticed that, we talk joy in blaming and castigating pastors, a lot of things are happening in this country, and we never said anything about them, which is actually wrong, we don't know the anointed cannot be harmed and whosoever tries to harm him or her will have themselves to blame. Irrespective of the errors of a man of God, his calling stands sure and no one harms him or her and go scot free. Basket Mouth talks about federal government taking tax, did he complain about the tax to the government, then why is it when a pastor talked about tithe, that's when his bones are strong, and he dim it fit to speak out.

Most times, in this our generation, we are hypocritical, as we don't talk when we need to talk but talk when we don't need to talk. Some of the people online, who are against Oyedopo's mind about tithe, says is he richer than some people like Jeff of Amazon, Aliko Dangote, and they asked that who do those people who are rich and prosperous pay tithes too? Let me answer your question in this way, there is a Principle in this live that makes a man leave poverty, that is the principle of giving, do you know how much these guys you are comparing have giving out? The principle will just work, give and it will be giving unto you. So tithe is also a principle of giving, that must be engaged in my Christians, as it is a spiritual exercise.

And if you don't believe in it, don't do it and don't mislead people who wants to be faithful to it, because you don't give to God and you will not reap it back.

I drop my pen, feel free to share you opinions too.

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