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How To Handle Negative Feelings—Joel Osteen Reveals

Pastor Joel Osteen, the Senior Pastor of the Texas based Lakewood church has taken to his official Facebook page to share the video of a message he delivered on how to handle negative feelings as they come in your life, as a believer.

As shared by the cleric, in his words, from 0:01 to 0:43 of the video, there are several negative ways you will feel in the cause of your life. How you react to them as they happen in your life is what matters. However, those feelings are not forever, as you are not always going to have to feel them, but, it is maturity that takes you beyond those feelings. As encouraged by the cleric, do not let those feelings dictate your life—you must choose joy, choose happiness and good attitude.

According to the cleric, such level of maturity you exhibit by choosing to go beyond your feelings by having good behaviours would save some relationships, it can also help you get better in your relationship with your children. It can also help you to get unstuck in your career. But, if you let your feelings rule over you, it is going to limit how high you can go. According to the cleric, nobody can do this for you. You cannot pray away feelings. You will feel things but, feelings don't always tell you the truth. As a believer, you have to override how you feel and have a good attitude. You are to decide to have a good attitude.

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