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Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa Forced Me To Take The Title Bishop. I Didn't Need It -Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church, has revealed that he didn't need the title of Bishop, but was forced to take it by his mentor, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

In his sermon at the May Edition of the Leadership Empowerment Summit, he explained that titles are secondary in your walk with God, and what matters is your loyalty to God and the interests of his kingdom.

"One of my mentors met me in 1986 and asked me have you been ordained? I didn't know about ordination. He said somebody that is doing all these things has to be ordained. It is not about ordination; it is about your commitment to the cause of Christ," he said.

He continued by explaining some truths about titles in the church. He explained that a title in the church is a call to serve and not an opportunity to lord over the church members.

"Leadership position in the church is not a chieftaincy title; it is a call to service. It is not about being lord over God's heritage; it's serving God's interest by serving God's people. Jesus said I am in your midst as one that serves. The title you wear has no value; it is the value you add to the title that matters," he said.

He revealed that after he did all he did without being ordained, and was finally ordained as a minister, his mentor had to force him to take the higher title of Bishop.

"Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa forced Me to take the title Bishop. I didn't need it. I was already engrossed in my service to God," he said.

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