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With 1.3 Billion Catholics In The World, Pope Francis Has No Private Jet, See How He Travels

In life, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Bringing us to the fact that people have things that they love and likes to acquire be it cars, expensive items or even private jet. But it will interest you to know that the leader of the Catholic church all over the world, Pope Francis has no private jet to himself. 

Rather when ever the Pope wants to travel, the Vatican will charter an airplane for him to travel with. And sometimes, the Pope usually flies the Italian national carrier Alitalia. And whenever he travels to a foreign county, he flies the nation major carrier and they are commercial plane and he seat in the front row all by himself. See Link

The Catholic church, is one of the most popular and populated church in the world, with about 1.3 billion members, yet the Pope has no private jet to himself. This is worthy of emulation, living a simple life, not minding about earthly or material things is very necessary most especially in the life of a Christian. What we should worry about is heavenly possession and not worldly things. 

On seeing how the Pope travels, what do you think? Please share your opinion in the comment section.

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