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30 beautiful pictures of Saudi Arabia and Madina.

Medina is a city in Western Saudi Arabia, Medina is a very beautiful place. Medina is one of the holiest city in the world.

Medina is celebrated as the place from which Prophet Muhammad (SAW, PBUH). Established the Muslim community (ummah).

And Medina is the place where the Body of the Prophet (SAW) was entombed. Madina and Makkah is a place were every Muslim is wishing to go.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Madina and Makkah.

The city of Makkah and Medina are just so beautiful I can't really get my eyes off these places, and one day insha Allah we will go to this places.

Woowwww So Masha Allah.

Masha Allah, just take a good look at this mosque

Just take a look at the roads this the gate to Makkah everything is just so Masha Allah.

Woww these places are just so beautiful. Insha Allah, one day we will all go to these places for our pilgrimage. may Allah just make it easy for us. And to be able to go to these places before our death. Ameen.

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Insha Allah Makkah Masha Allah Medina Saudi Arabia


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