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2023: ‘You will suffer if you vote because of a party’, Pastor David Ibiyeomie warns

Pastor David Ibiyeomie has warned Nigerians against voting for a leader who “would be using diapers”.

According to him, such a leader is “dangerous.”

In a trending video, the founder and presiding pastor of Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, Rivers state, said Nigerians should be conscious of their choices in 2023 lest they suffer.

Pastor IbiyeomiePastor David Ibiyeomie (C) Twitter

He said Nigerians should refrain from voting for parties rather they should vote for individuals.

Ibiyeomie, 59, said if the wrong person is elected one dollar might be exchanged for five thousand naira.

He said: “You have seen that this person cannot perform, yet you are saying ‘it is our party’. Party nonsense.

“If you vote party, the way you will suffer; me I will be here, I won’t suffer with you,” he went on.

“Nothing will make me suffer with you. I know too well that I can’t suffer. But I can tell you – you know am a man of God – try to make mistake, naira will tumble to N5000.

“If you don’t want naira to tumble to 5,000 better tell yourself what to do.”

Ibiyeomie continued: “Woe to you when you vote people who have nothing in their head. If you vote party this time, Nigerians, we go fold our hands dey watch una.

“All the things you are suffering am I suffering with you?

“I’m too connected by covenant to suffer what you people are suffering.”

Explaining from the scriptures, Ecclesiastes 10:16 that says, ‘Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning,’ the pastor said: “If you vote, it says woe to you if your leader is like a child, that means any leader who they would be using diapers is dangerous.”

“It’s the Bible, I’m not the one who said it,” Ibiyeomie stressed. “If you have a leader who uses diapers, woe to you.”

Watch him below.

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