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How Dr D.k Olukoya Graduated With A 1st Class Degree From Unilag

Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries is a presided by Dr D.k Olukoya , A first class Graduate of the University of Lagos. He has written so many book that can be used for spiritual guidance. Dr D.k Olukoya is Married to to Folashade Olukoya who is also a Graduate of University of Lagos. One of the funny thing about their marriage is that they were bith on the same month and day with only ten years apart. 

Mountain of fire and miracle ministries is known for practising strict doctrines which may include; 

- no wearing of trousers by ladies

- always covering of the head by ladies

- no wearing of necklace or chains by both male and female

- wearing of make up also is prohibited 

Many people in our modern world feel that these doctrines are too far and lack proper/adequate spiritual backing. This plague on the prominent church has been in existence for and long time and is still ongoing by most church critics. Well, what is the right doctrine many would ask? If you ask me i will simply tell you that we are asking the wrong. 

The question instead should be, what kind of people are welcomed to the church? And to this question my answer will be, Everyone. i will give full details no this in a later on my opinion on what doctrine should be practice to the church.

I will like to share a story of how pastor Olukoya succeed in graduating with a first class degree at the university of Lagos.

According to the pastor " he was preparing for his final years exams and he had to finish two big books on the course. Reading can be hard during those times especially when you know that yo can't guess where the questions are going to be coming from. But he prayed to God to guide him and direct him to the right questions. 

One day he went out and when he came back and discovered that one of the books has been stolen. This troubled him, because he hadn't even read it. But he prayed to God to Guide him. So God told him to read the one he has, and that is exactly what he did.

When exams came all the questions came from only the book he read, in fact according to him, he started feeling pity for the person that stole his second book, because he knew the person would have read it and would be disappointed now. 

Well, that is how the prominent General overseer came out of the exams with flying colours and with a first class degree. In fact till date, through his ministry he awards anyone in his ministry, that graduates with a first class degree. 

That is a very nice gesture and nice for a man of God to be doing, not everyone only few rich people indulge in these kind of Generous Act. May God continue to bless and multiply his success in the name of Jesus. 

Please share for other to know, lile and comment too. Thank You!!!


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