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Know The Meaning of These Numbers When You Encounter Them in Your Dreams

Dreams are spiritual monitoring systems. They are screens of occurrence in the spirit realm.

I guess you know that the spiritual controls the physical. There are times one sees numbers either vaguely or clearly, in money, on objects or in any other ways. Below are meanings of some numbers in the dream.

1.... Signifies the beginning of something. It means God is starting something new in your life

2....This shows union, relating to marriage

3.... Signifies the Trinity ( God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit)

4.....This is a number of creation

5.....This number signifies God's grace in your life

6.....It Signifies lust and te number of the beast

7.....This number shows perfection

8.....It means a new beginning for you

9.....Means Fruithfulness and the fruits of the spirit

10.....Relating to law and government

11.....Means Disorganization

12.....Signifies divine government

13.....Means the spirit of rebellion and backsliding

14.....Increase in reproduction

15.....Means honour and freedom

16.....The filling of the spirit

17.....It Signifies something incomplete or an unfinished task

18.....This signifies bondage

19....Signifies shame and reproach

20..... It means your holiness have been tested and approved

23.....This number signifies death

39.....Signifies sickness and suffering

100.....Means you will receive your full reward

I will be drawing the curtains here. If you know about other numbers and their meanings, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

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