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Before Leaving Your House This Morning (20/7/2020), Say These Powerful Prayer Points

The word of the Lord bield us not to worry, but to make our request and supplication known to God through prayer. Therefore, as a Christian, before leaving your house in the morning, always remember to commit the day into the hands of the Lord, in order to receive the full package of all the blessings He has kept for you today.

In all the same, below are powerful prayer points you should say before leaving your house this morning.

Adonai, I give you all the praise for you have proven yourself more powerful than any being, as you have kept my family and I through the night, which is a frightening hour that evil men and powers of darkness operates.

Lord, as you have kept me to this morning, any power of darkness that didn't get me during the night and is laying ambush to get me as I am leaving my house this morning, I consume such powers with the fire of the holy ghost in Jesus name.

This morning, as am leaving my house with joy, I shall return with greater Joy in Jesus name.

Lord, as I leave my house this morning, I pray that you will go before me and clear any tragedy that shall befall me on my way in Jesus name.

I shall go out safe and return safe in Jesus name.

As I am leaving my house this morning, Lord I pray that may i have a divine encounter with my destiny helper.

Lord, every evil forces that flies by the day shall not see me and my family members in Jesus name.

Lord, any wall of Jericho that will obstruct me from reaching my blessing for today, this morning I use the monde hammer from heaven to shatter it in Jesus name.

Please Lord, direct my day so that it will go according to your will in Jesus name.

Lord, as I am leaving my house in search of my daily bread, please Lord, make provisions for me in Jesus name.

My yesterday's mistakes shall never repeat itself today in Jesus name.

This morning, I bless today to be a splendid modification of yesterday. All my disappointment, this morning I modify it to be a blessing for me today in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord Jesus for prayer answered in Jesus name


Please remember to share to your loved ones so that they can also say these powerful prayer points before leaving their houses this morning.

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