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"Vanity" Does Not Mean You Should Remain Poor, Here Are Pastors Whose Lifestyle Show Prosperity

It would be agreed that wealth is something which makes life easier because there are a lot of problems that can be answered by the use of money. There is a little difference between being rich and being wealthy, a rich person can easily provide the basic necessities of life and extra savings while a wealthy person has enough money to last for generations.

Many religious faithfuls often feel that it is pointless for a person to amass wealth in life due to the fact that wealth is "Vanity", this ideology is not entirely correct. In life, there are things which are needed in order to make a person live comfortably and one of these things is money.

Despite the religion you belong to, it is important to have wealth that would give you and your generations unborn a strong foundation in the society. You can not be preaching prosperity while you are still suffering. The Bible says, "let my light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify my father who is in heaven". When you radiate prosperity, people will also wish to be like you and you can use that opportunity to lead them to righteousness.

People should not be made to feel that having wealth is a sin. The amassing of wealth is not bad, what is used to judge are the things you do with the money. Do you help the poor and needy or do you flaunt it in the face of those who lack? That is what will be used to judge you and your wealth.

See Pictures of some pastors who are wealthy:

1. Bishop David Oyedepo

2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

3. Pastor E.A Adeboye

These Pastors help show that wealth is relevant in life and it is what you do with it that matters.

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