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Is It A Crime For Bishop David Oyedepo to Express Himself As A Citizen?

There has been a lot of argument these days on the comment made by the pioneer Pastor and founder of the living faith Church A.K.A Winers Chaple world wide on the lockdown measures put in place by the federal government and the state government. He just express his view on the matter and people from all angles are rendering abuses and useless comments.

That's what he feels like and he decided to say it out. By the way he has every right to express himself. The constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria has given him that power to do so. Instead of abusing him why can't you air out your opinion if you feel what he is saying is not on point. Did he abuse you or your lifeless president in the word of Donald Trump; the president of the United States of America.

Does it really make sense to limit the number of worshipers in a worship service while allowing people to flock in there hundreds and thousands in market? Which one is more desasterous? Is it not the right time that we are suppose to come closer to God and seek his mercy? There is power in unity and coming together as believers. One African President said Coronavirus is of the Devil and he insisted that his citizens should go to church. There are countries that has handled this issue without lockdown and it was a huge success. Taiwan is a case in point. Let's stop the useless criticism and joint hands together and fight this menace. That's why the Muslims will àlways be united than the Christians. You will never see Muslims abusing there Imam in Social Media or public even when they know that he is , absolutely wrong, this should not be taken that when we see our pastor going in the wrong direction we should draw his attention. There is a way we can do it in a muture way. Is it not the Muslims that are saying " Malam ya chi Babu Corona?" That's " Teacher said there is no coronavirus" We should all be focus and stop abusing Bishop David Oyedepo for nothing. That's his view point

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