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5 Ways God Can Put You Through Test

God can put you through test in several ways.

However, in this article, we would be taking a look at some ways in which God can test you. 

1. Test of money. 

God puts us through financial trials, and money is one of the means through which God puts us through our paces. God wants us to test our faith in Him by putting our money in His hands. When we find it difficult to give an offering or pay tithe, God uses this as a test to determine whether or not we can put our faith in Him to provide for our financial requirements.

2. Test of sacrifice 

God put Abraham through his paces to see if he could put his trust in Him with his son, despite the fact that Abraham had Isaac at an extremely young age. But he was able to demonstrate to God that he had faith in God no matter what happened, 

3. Test one's faith.

Sometimes it is difficult to put our faith in someone or something we cannot see, but God may ask us to do something that appears to be larger than us. 

4. Test of heart. 

God examines our hearts to determine what is going on in our brains. He wants to know if we are worrying about things or if we are completely believing in Him.

5. A test of patience 

God wants to know if we have the ability to be patient enough to wait on Him to do something. He is interested in knowing if we are capable of passing test so that He can advance us to the next stage of our lives.

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