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3 Things You Should Know About The Constant Battle Christians Must Fight Every day

There is this fierce and constant battle you must fight every day and till the end as a believer, no matter how anointed you might be. Many, including yourself, might not recognize this particular battle, but it is a compulsory one you must fight and win as a Christian to be counted worthy on the day of judgment.

Biblically, the spiritual battle against Sin and unrighteousness is one with which every believer must engage. In other words, it is a must that you put up a fight against unrighteousness and become victorious to earn eternity with Christ.

There are 3 biblical facts you must know about the spiritual battle/conflict against sin, unrighteousness, and filthiness. You must have a good understanding of this war to position yourself in a ready state.

3 Things You Should Know About The Battle Against Sin And Unrighteousness.

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It Is The Fiercest And Strongest Battle You Can Ever Face/Fight Like A Christian 

Fundamentally, you need to take note of the fact that the battle against sin is the fiercest and strongest spiritual battle you can ever experience as a Christian.

In other words, there's no battle that can be compared to that of Sin and unrighteousness in the life of a believer, be it a pastor, bishop, evangelist, and others.

But why is it so? 

The reason for the above fact is not farfetched. The book of Hebrews chapter 12 vs 1 - 4 gives a solid and well-defined explanation.

According to the 3rd and 4th verses of the Bible chapter mentioned earlier ( Hebrews 12 ), the battle against sin and unrighteousness is one that you must fight with endurance and as a result, your blood might be involved.

Hence the statement that; " Ye have not resisted unto blood, striving against Sin "...

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The strive against sin must be continued even if it cost the shedding of your blood. This is the reason why it remains the fiercest battle.

• It Is The Daily Battle You Must Conquer To Make Heaven

Another strange fact about the battle against sin is that it is a constant and continuous spiritual war that surrounds every believer, 24 hours a day.

Jesus alerted Peter in the book of Luke Chapter 22 vs 31 about the plans of Satan to draw him to sin and afterward Jesus Christ prayed for Peter that his faith will not fail.

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Unknowingly, the devil roams about the life of many believers every hour of the day, like a roaring lion and his mission is to bring the victims into sin. - 1 Peter 5: 8 - 9

This is the reason why the fight against sin remains a daily basis responsibility you must take up as a believer.

• It Is The Only Battle That Takes Place In Your Mind 

The mind of a believer in the battlefield of sin and filthiness. The Bible makes it clear that all manners of sinful acts proceed from the heart of a man. - Mark 7: 21

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Since all forms of sinful acts come from the heart, it is wise to guide your mind and heart from sin.

In conclusion, no one can make heaven with sin, hence you must fight the fight of faith.

Are you set to put up an unending fight against sin and unrighteousness till you Conquer, as a believer?

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