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"Thy word is a light unto my path" - Get connected with your creator and live your dream life.

The book of God is holy and should be taken seriously at all times. I believe is only necessary that one should read the holy book at least once every day for guidance and protection.

The word of God sets us right in our affairs and it makes us reason diffently than other people. When you make the book of God your daily routine, you become attached to it and you find yourself doing and saying things in a more responsible and Goldly manner.

For the people that reads their holy book daily, they will confirm that their lives are always filled with blessings and miracles that they can't explain or express.

No one is fully holy or righteous but the little things we do that connects us with God will always keep us ahead in life.

To be connected to God in this era and world of selfishness is everything and more.

I hope and pray everyone from all religion tries to always build a bond with God our creator

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