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This is What Got Me into Christianity-Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa

Margaret Idahosa was born on the 29th ofJuly 1943 into a royal family. She is an author, preacher and the wife of the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. 

As a way to celebrate her 77th year birthday, she gave the incident that got her deeply into Christianity. Here is what she said:

There was a time one of my cousin died in the morning, he had convulsion throughout the night, and in the morning, he died. So we laid the child on the bed. Then the father went to the state secretariat to obtain his death certificate and before he came back, Benson drove in his bicycle not motorcycle. He came in and said "what is happening here?" and I said ,"  listen everyday is not Christmas, today, death is at the door. We have just laid one of my cousin to rest. He was about three and a half years older then. He said, Oh! that is fine, I have been riding bicycle since looking out for anyone who died so that I can raise him back to life. And I said "that is not possible" He said, "with God all things are possible". He insisted that I take him to where the child is.

So I took him to the room and I said, the child is lying down there. So he went in with his small New Testament Bible, and I stood at the door just to see how he is going to perform the miracle. I was just watching with one of my eyes. He prayed and was speaking in tongues and all that. After some time, he came back to me and asked, "What has the name of the child?" And I said, "what has the name of the child got to do?, just do the miracle let's see. So I told him that the name of the child is "Inuaghata". So he went back again and said, "Inuaghata! Inuaghata!! come back to life." 

He was praying and after a while the child sneezed and he took him out of the bed. And when I saw that dead child at about 4 o'clock in the evening came back to life, I took to my heels and I ran because, I have never seen it before. I ran out and I said "Iye! Iye!!" (Meaning, mummy)  something has happened.I said, go and meet Bro Benson. Lo and behold, the child walked out of the room.

That was what got me into Christianity."

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