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Anybody that Asks you to Bring Coconut is a Magician not a Prophet- Pastor David Ibiyeomie.

Pastor and founder of Salvation Ministries, David Ibiyeomie, has said that anybody that asks somebody to bring coconut is a magician and not a prophet.

According to Church Gist, pastor Ibiyeomie revealed that prophets are not elected by men but are rather separated by God from their mother's womb.

He further added that if people were selected to become prophets, people like him will not be selected because he was in the party hall when God called him.

Pastor Ibiyeomie said;

"Prophets are not elected by men. You know you do elections for politicians. Prophets are separated by God from their mother's womb. It says, "Before you were born, I ordained you a prophet unto nations". We are not people who people select. If you are to select, people like me will not be selected because I was in the party hall when God called me. If it is human election, many people will not think of me. They will say, "forget that guy, how can that one too be a prophet". You do not select them. They come by the election of God. Prophets are not handpicked. It is not like a ministry where you will just say, 'I am a prophet'. Not all these ones that will just stand up and claim to be prophets.

David Ibiyeomie warned his members against fake prophets, as he revealed that anyone that asks them to bring coconut, incense, water, etc., is a magician and not a prophet.

"Somebody telling you your problems is not a prophet. Listen, I do not know how you will understand today. Somebody telling you your problem is not a prophet. A prophet is when you tell him your problem, he speaks God's counsel and it is turned. Not somebody that will say go and bring candle, bring incense, bring water, bring coconut. That is a Magician. You do not need coconut in the New Testament. If you see coconut in the Bible, I will drop my Bible. If you see coconut in this Bible, I will not preach again till tommorow. Those are not prophets please do not be deceived with nonsense.

"Did you see any broom here? That is not a prophet. You mistake Magicians for prophets. A prophet is the mouthpiece of God who speaks God's counsel. They speak God's counsel to cancel evil", he said.

Pastor Ibiyeomie then released some prophetic declarations over the lives of his members before the close of the service.

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