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"I once touched the Lord's anointed, " Mike Bamiloye reminisces

The Holy Bible makes us to understand that God selects His prophets by himself. No man does the job for Him. If this is so, why do people then act as if they are the ones who put up some prophets where they are?

Mike Bamiloye, a renowned drama minister, puts up a sensitive Facebook post that focuses on the said issue.

He wrote the marked words below:

“Sometimes ago, my wife and I travelled for an outreach on invitations. After more than six days of great outreaches and ministrations in a particular church, we were so excited at what the Lord did and we all gathered together with the hosts at the end of the programs in the house of our hosts, and all of us together were sharing a lot of testimonies and various experiences on ministration fields. The atmosphere was joyful as we laughed and talked with joy.

We and our hosts were sharing experiences with some unnamed ministers of God who were doing this and doing that, and what they have encountered and what we have experienced and we were all learning from all these experiences. However, the spiritual atmosphere around us changed immediately I mistakenly mentioned a minister of God who said some wrong things to us and did some things to us…

Right from that moment my spirit lost the peace and the joy it had got during the entire program… I told my wife what I felt the moment I mentioned the minister’s name when we were joyfully sharing our various experiences. She confirmed it that the moment we were joking about the minister of God, her peace departed and her heart became troubled since…

All through the night, I was praying for forgiveness and mercy, but I never got my joy and peace restored… I became worried… It was then I knew another meaning of TOUCHING THE LORD’S ANOINTED.”

Mike had to take his awful statements back by revisiting the hosts. He then made it known to them that he shouldn’t have said what he had said earlier about a man of God.

Watch out for what you say about the Lord’s anointed.

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