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Jesus Meant Different Things: Matthew 25:31-40 Is Not to Be Confused with Matthew 20:20-23

The Lord Jesus always preached the message of the kingdom to people in different ways. It was and is His manner to speak in parables or figuratively to outsiders but plainly to His own disciples. This is because, as He said, the message of the kingdom is given to be known and understood by the sons of the kingdom, but it is not given to outsiders.

This is why Matthew 25:31–40 contains one important message of the kingdom, where the Lord related the coming of the kingdom with the separation between the "goats" and the "sheep". This metaphors were employed to describe the nature of the two sets of people in the coming world—the evil and the good—with their recompense reward

So, when Jesus referred to the "right hand" in this context, He meant the state of favour and love of God that the righteous souls then will be in relation to His kingdom, while the "left hand" is the abandoned and unfavorable state of torment and suffering in relation to the kingdom of Christ.

However, in Matthew 20:20–23, when He gave reply to Mrs. Zebedee, about her sons—James and John—as regards their sitting either on His right or left hand IN His kingdom, He meant something else in that context. Jesus, as well as Mrs. Zebedee, had said, " in your kingdom", which implies are different setting entirely. While the former chapter was in regard to the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of hell, the latter is in regard to how things are operating WITHIN the kingdom of God.

So, the message is Matthew 20:20–23 is about the administrative ruling and leadership where a king is said to be on the throne, having men beside him. The left hand of the kingdom then means an administration of Heavenly grace through the medium of faith, truth or wisdom, while that of the right hand means the administration of Heavenly grace through the medium of love(good works) and goodness. This is because, love(good works) and faith create life in the kingdom. Thus, these hands or states are blessed positions within the kingdom.

And so, as Jesus said, it will be given to those for whom they have been prepared right from the foundation of the world.

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