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Meet The "Fulani People" That Are Usually Mistaken For "Hausa"

A Little History

The "Fulani" people are around 40 million spread Africa and there are one of the largest ethnic group in Africa. They are spread across many countries in West Africa but also reside in Central and Eastern Africa.

Although they are one of the largest ethnic groups but they are not the majority in any country they reside.

A more proper way to address the "Fulani" is using the word "Fulbe". The "Fulbe" are called by any names by the neighbors such as "Peul", "Fula", "Fulani", "Fulata", and many more.

One popular group of the "Fube" are called "Wodabaabe", were mainly "normads" and their popular characteristics are slightly; Light skin, longer hair and so on.

Their traditional religion is still not well known, just like other kingdoms have their origins and myths, they also believe that "Geno" the supreme being created the universe from a drop of cow's milk.

Fulani Marriage

Now, In the Fulani's culture, it's a belief that marriages are supposed to produce many children, and as a result of this, they marry young without any desire for birth control.

Unlike many African culture, virginity is not placed on a high pedestal in the "Fulani" culture.

Interestingly, during the marriage ceremony, the father of the bride transfers one of his herds to the groom, as a sign of legalizing the marriage.

It should also be noted that the "Fulani" practice "endogamy" (The custom of marrying only within the limits of a local community, clan, or tribe).

Fulani Food

It is not uncommon to see "Fulani" women hawking milk products in decorated calabash on their heads.

On special and specific occasions they eat meat, (even though they have it large quantity). Milk, goat cheese and millet with dates are pounded together to produce a thick beverage.

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