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12 important times you need to pray

They are countless reasons why you should pray without stopping, pray all the time

1. When you need potection

Prayers protect us from all kind of evil that might come to us.

2. Pray when you are sick and pray for good health

Prayer saves, it is the only way you communicate your illment to God so that you will be made whole.

3. pray after any kind of dream (bad or good dream).

I advice we take all our dreams serious and commit them into God's loving hands to make things right 

4. Pray when you poor and for wealth

Even the bible said wealth is good, pray to your God to bless you with richness, ask him in time if your need with faith and you will be answered.

5. Pray when you are confused

Speak to your God each time you confused and he will answer or give to you the right answer.

6. Pray to each time you are lost

If you need direction in your life ask God to give you.

7. Say a prayer when you are in trouble

Call on your God in time of trouble and he will come to your rescue.

8. Say a prayer before making a decision

When you pray before you make a decision it will go in line with God's will.

9. Pray before your examination

You will need God's knowledge and wisdom.

10. Pray when you wake up and before you sleep at night

You need his love, mercy and protection.

11. Pray before you eat and after eating, try to give thanks all the time for a happy meal.

12. Pray for good relationship and loving family and friends.

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