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Are you still awake, SAY These Prayers For Total Breakthrough and Defeat of Your Enemies.

Satan and his agents, are working nonstop to ensure that they defeat and manipulate the life of a genuine child of God. Morning prayers are important and should not be neglected. God please use every meeting place tonight in the sky, on the ground or at sea, at the crossroads or atop a tree or in the town to manipulate and control my life. In the name of Jesus, send down thunder from on above to terrify them.

1. Who's ever that doesn't want me to have peace, joy and breakthrough. Let them never have peace in their life, let their everlasting confusion never be forgotten in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

2. If my fame, star, or anything nice in my life has been caged, it's because it's been concealed somewhere. That yoke is broken today, the chains in my life are shattered this morning, and the heavenly shovel will dig it up today in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

3. Every Evil that is working against my will, causing me to rise and fall, and preventing the fruits of my labour from prospering. It is in the Mighty Name of Jesus that such handwriting and hand are consumed, making my existence useless and worthless.

4. My family and home are washed in the VITAL blood of Jesus. I wash my life in the blood of Jesus. I'm untouchable in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe God has heard your pleas and has answered them. If you agree, please put a STRONG Amen in the comments section below.

Please spread the word and make sure you're following me at the top for more effective prayer

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Jesus Mighty Satan


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