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Prophet Fufeyin Reveals What Can Help Nigerians Overcome Their Challenges

Founder of Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, has huge Nigerians to keep their dreams of a better Nigeria.

Prophet Jeremiah said Nigerians home and outside the country must not relent in making efforts to realize their dreams as that could help make the country a better place.

The prophet in a statement to Metro on Monday, on what he described dreams as a spiritual weapon, as he called on all Nigerians to pay attention their dreams.

Dreams are God avenue to prepare you for significant occasions in life, and exponential shifts, he Added.

Prophet Jeremiah reveals that it would be better to guide children of God on the interpretations of their dreams in the future, as it is essential to solving spiritual challenges.

Fufeyin urged Nigerians from all walks of life, regardless of their religious faith or denominations, should take their dreams very seriously as things that can only manifest physically when they have been concluded spiritually and physical.

He said people of great sociwl status do not joke with their dreams because they understand it not negotiable importance to human.

The prophet averred that clarity is of great prerequisite if anything good thing must come out of the dreams.

Dream can always gives proper direction interpretations to your prayers because once the cause of a problem is found the solution is not far away, this is why it is even more proper to seek prophetic interpretations and solutions to all your dreams.

Someone cannot afford to minimize dreams anymore because they can also be used by the devil, to manipulate the future of anyone, if not fully understood, he Said.

According to prophet Fufeyin, in a hard time like this and as always, all dreams are significant, God Almighty has blessed a few men with the Joseph ability to interpret someone dreams and proffer effective solutions to it.

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