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Christians helping Muslims to distribute Ramadan meals in Egypt generates lots of reactions online

A photo of Christians helping Muslims to distribute Ramadan meals in Egypt, a country in the North Eastern part of Africa has generated lots of reactions online.

This is because, in our present world, religious intolerance is increasing on a daily basis, where people are divided based on religious and ethnic line.

In Nigeria for example, religious intolerance has become one of the major problem that the country has to deal with. Muslims mostly associate and see as their brother their fellow Muslims and Christians associate more with fellow Christians. This is not supposed to be so because if we are serving the same God as we all claimed, then religious intolerance shouldn't be an issue of discussion in Nigeria.

Egypt, a country that has Muslim majority has never had any issue resulting from religious intolerance. They live in Harmony with one another regardless of the religion one is practising.

Below are reactions from African Twitter users

These are just few of the numerous pleasant reactions from people across Africa celebrating the peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians in Egypt, while imploring other African nations with anarchies emanating from religious intolerance to copy from the Egyptians.

This should be a great lesson to Nigerians, our strength should be in our diversity and I believe that if we unite and tolerate one another, we will get the Nigeria of our dreams.

What do you have to say about this religious tolerance existing in Egypt?

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