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How Pastor Adeboye would Have Been Poisoned If Not For God's Grace

Pastor E.A. Adeboye is not the founder but the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God. A church whose branches spreads around every continent and country of the world. Pastor Adeboye is has through the grace of God, not only succeeded in only raising the Redeemed Christian church of God to a very High level but also succeeded in contributing to the growth of the church world wide.

Pastor popularly refereed to as Papa to his member or those who admire him, is also the spiritual father to a lot of big pastors also in Nigeria. Through his anointed God has Broken the chains and lifted the burdens of various Believers worldwide. He has used his servant Adeboye to be a blessing to various nations outside Africa. His fame spreads across the axis of Nigeria and walls of Africa. He has prayed for leader in various scope of life, including Governors, Minister and even Presidents of Nations world wide.

Definitely someone that has been an instrument of blessing massively like this is always a threat to the kingdom of darkness. He as caused unrest for the devil and his demons. You cannot be alive and not heard of the testimonies that have happened through the anointing on his life and because of that the devil is angry. Just recently he was the target of "online demons" on social media for simply wishing his wife Happy Birthday. Hilarious right? Well, most of the people especially the ever woke feminist, who say some of the content of his birthday message for his wife contains some atom of misogyny.

Go and check it out the controversy is really a funny one.

Pastor adeboye has always given testimonies of how he survived the plans of the devil and his cohorts. I will share this testimony.

Years ago after a particular celebration, a pastor under his ministry came to celebrate with him and even prepared a nice dish for him. He thank the man as usual and kept it to eat later after the man has gone. after sometime, according to adeboye, he wasn't in the mood to eat and didn't want the food to waste. So he decided to give it to his dog to eat, he said when he poured it for his dog, out of all of them, one refused to eat. So he left it and went inside. Only to be informed that the dogs are dead, and was as a result as the food they ate, only that one dog survived.

That's is a testimony of God's grace and mercy on his life. Imagine, who will suspect that such wicked act will come from someone who works in the ministry and a pastor at the same time. Some pastors allow themselves to be instrument of the devil. According the scriptures, it says "Surely the wicked would not go unpunished".

I will like to advise the readers of this article, don't the an instrument of the devil, don't open your mouth to judge a man of God. DON'T DO IT!!! Even if you disagree with some of their views, don't use your mouth to judge them, YOU ARE NOT GOD!!! Just pray that God exposes them and the plan of the devil to the ridicule the church fails.

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