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”Alfas And Islamic Scholars” These Are The Things You Need To Know About Them, They Are Different

Islamic Scholars in Nigeria are men of different types and it is actually because the media has not gotten the semantic filter to purify the pirates from them. As a scholar or religious figure, people will except you to live a purity and have wisdom of Scriptures.

Sometimes people find it shameful and amused when a scholar’s attitude goes beyond the scripture.

Let me clear this, like “if a pastor or an evangelist described himself as a man of God or God sent and he tries to boost that he had fought devil, some Muslim scholars will attack him and let him know he is not saying the truth. This is also the same thing to the pastors. No one will ever believe that.“

Take a look at this, in some years ago, an unknown Alfa was announced that he bought a newborn baby for 1000 naira, he actually gave someone the sum of 2000 naira to help him get a baby, this is an example of the alfa’s we are talking about. They are the one painting others the wrong color.

Alfa in Arabic stands for thousand, it is not even pertain to anything spiritual or leadership title. The real meaning if Alfa is 1000, it is not even a Nigerian languageage, it is a language for Saudi Arabia.

Alfa is different from Scholar, and no Islam scholar will engage himself in doing money ritual, ”(not all of them oo, before someone will attack me in the comments section)” Those that do the work of our forefathers and called themselves Alfa, why not called them ”Babalawo” because most of them does the work of ”Babalawo”, not the work of God.

Calling them Islamic scholars is like rewarding them as PhD holder because not all of them can read and write.

This is what it takes to be a scholar in Islam. 

Becoming a scholar, you will need to go through many steps, for me not to exaggerate, it takes more than 10 years with uninterrupted studies of ”Quran and Hadeeth”

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