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Christianity Is The Best Religion In The World (Opinion)

There are so many religions in the world currently. People have their own religion either because the love the religion or because the are born into a family that is a member of that religion.

Looking at our current world today one can easily say that we have over 100 religions in the world.

Many of them have their own God and leader. The most recognized religion currently is Christianity and Islamic religion.

Looking at the population in the world one can simply say that Christianity is the biggest religion curently.

There are some many religions in the world but this two has alomost all the population in the world.

Christianity Is The Best Religion In The World (Opinion)

From my own opinion i believe that Christianity is the best religion in the world because it has stayed for over 2000 years after the death of christ.

Many of these religion in the world now are still starting but Christianity started for over years ago.

What's your opinion on this?

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