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From Street Evangelism to Celebrity: The Breakthrough Story Of Daddy 'Lori Iro' (Photos)

According to the Bible, Christians must win souls for God's Kingdom, which can be done in different ways. Your behavior toward your family and neighbors should reflect Christ, and you can as well take the teachings of Jesus Christ to the streets, preaching the word of God to those who are willing to listen.

Evangelism has been around for a long time, as evidenced by preachers on the streets carrying megaphones, bells, and Bibles, urging people to live a decent life. For some, it is a part of daily life, and it necessitates uniqueness. That is how Evangelist Gbadamosi Ismail popularly known as Daddy 'Lori Iro' rose to fame in Nigeria.

Daddy 'Lori Iro's' street evangelism technique is so effective that he was able to grab the attention of his intended audience, the youths. His evangelism tactic is so amusing and believable that most youths found it entertaining, making Daddy Lori Iro's evangelism videos go viral.

'Lori Iro' is a Yoruba word that means ''On top Lie.' Daddy 'Lori Iro' was seen preaching to youths in a video that went viral in February 2021 to stop lying. He was able to illustrate his teachings by mentioning some lies used among youths, such as 'You are my honey,' 'You are my chocolate,' 'You are sugar,' and so on. According to Daddy 'Lori Iro,' all of these expressions are lies concocted by lovers to mislead others.

Daddy 'Lori Iro' was also seen singing and dancing to a self-written song that matched his street evangelism. The video quickly went viral, catapulting him from street evangelist to celebrity. He has been interviewed by the BBC and several top Nigerian radio stations.

Daddy 'Lori Iro's' Instagram account had only 2000 followers in February 2021, but it has now skyrocketed to 14,000. This is a good sign that he is becoming more popular by the day.

Daddy 'Lori Iro's' rise to fame is truly admirable, and it teaches us that whatever we are doing, we should do it with passion and commitment.

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