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Don’t Get Set In Your Ways;The Thing God Wants To Do May Not Look Like What You Had In Mind—J Osteen

Joel Osteen is the Senior Pastor of the Texas-based Lakewood Church. The cleric renowned for his motivational messages has taken to his official Facebook page to share a message of exhortation to believers on why they must be ready to accept the plans of God for their lives, which might be contrary to their expectations.

According to the cleric, he has stressed encouragingly in his words that, some of the new things God is going to do in your life are not going to be what you’re expecting; the new thing that God wants to do may not look like what you had in mind—God in His power would work in His way, which most times could be different from all what you might expect. Do not get Set in your ways; the thing God wants to do may not look like what you had in mind.

The cleric has also exhorted believers in His words that, whatever God would do for them is going to be in a very different way. Also, sometimes, it could be that God might be doing a new thing now and you don’t perceive it. He might be opening a door, but you don’t want to go through it, because, it is not what you thought it would look like.

According to the cleric, God is bringing people across your path that are divine connections, but they might not be what you were expecting. Do not get set in your ways; the new thing may not look like what you had in mind.

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