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Today's Prayer For God Protection, Goodness, Mercy Favour And Kindness Over Our Lives.

You can click the follow icon before you proceed. here comes another day that the lord almighty have decide to let you in, you have been busy doing some other things, it is not by your power or your strength but all is the will of God. And as you are about to sleep today you need to pay God back for all the protections, mercy, Favour and kindness.

The prayer is from the book of psalm (9:9-12). Many people are suffering crushed by the weight of their troubles but the lord is a refuge for them and a save place they can run to. Lord, those who know your name come to you for protection and when they come, you do not leave them without help.

Sing praises to the lord, who sits as king in zion. Tell the nations about the great things he has done. He punishes murderers and remembers those who are in need, and when suffering people cry for help he does not ignore them.thanks for reading please comment share and like for others people benefits.

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Goodness Mercy


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