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Before You Sleep Tonight, Say These Powerful Prayer Points (17-07-2020)

Before you start sayings these declarations and prayer points, first of all, start by praising God with songs of praises, Worship and Thanksgiving. Some of the song you are sing includes:

1. You are the reason why we are alive Jeahovah, You are the most high, Jeahovah, You are the most high God.

2. You are the pillar that holds no my life (2x) master Jesus you are the pillar that holds my life (2x) My life.

3. I will praise you oh my saviour (3x), I'll praise you forever more.

[Please let me know if you know those songs in the comments section]

Now To The Prayers:

Father in Jesus name, Father in the mighty name of Jesus, Heavenly Father, kying of glory, Lord of Lord, Ancient of days, I am that's I am, the Lily of the valley, the Rock of ages. I come before you tonight with a heart full of praise and with a heart full of Thanksgiving, I bow before you tonight and I thank you for the gift of life. Thank you Lord for everything you are doing in my life be thou exalted in Jesus name. Amen

(Pictures Used For Illustrative Purpose)

I thank you Lord for my going in and my coming out. you are wonderful and you've shown yourself mightily in my life, Father Lord I thank you for you have never for once failed me, Lord Jesus accept all my admonitions in the name of Jesus. Amen

Today, Many were Victims of accident, explosion, kidnappers and many other disasters but Lord Jesus you kept me and my family to see this day and to see tonight, Lord we appreciate you, be thou magnified in the name of Jesus. Amen

Father Lord, in any way that I have done Against your holy name, Abba Father forgive and cleanse me in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!!

Now Say These Declarations

Today I stand as prophet of God and I prophecy with the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ and I stand by the power in the authority of the most high God that, - The Lord shall continuously be your helper in time of need.

You shall step out with boldness and conquer your conquerors. You shall be a victor and not a victim. You shall meet with uncommon favour in the sight of God and man. You shall dance your dance, and be joyous throughout the remaining days of this year.

The Lord will cause your adversaries to hear divinely induced noise powerful enough to send them away from your lives. You are liberated from the power of darkness and whoever rises against you shall fall and never rise again in Jesus Mighty Name. Go ahead and Occupy.

If you believe the Lord has answered your prayers and admonitions. Please let me know by commenting Amen and kindly sharing to others so that they can also take part from the blessing.

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Jeahovah Jesus


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