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Divorce Affair

If Your Husband Is Threatening You With A Divorce Letter, Ensure That You Stay In Joy -Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman, the founder of Eternity Network International spoke to his members about why they need to stay in joy even in the midst of pain.

According to Rhema Channel, he said, " Don't allow anything to steal away your joy, not even Satan, so In the midst of pain, stay in joy. In the midst of suffering, stay in joy and even in the midst of disappointment, also stay in joy." They robbed your shop and took everything, stay in joy because if you lose joy, you have lost everything. If your husband is threatening you with divorce also stay in joy, don't go about telling people. They spoke wrongly concerning you and said all manner of untrue things, stay in joy because it is cheaper than explaining yourself and allow God to speak for you. "I rejoice in the Lord of my salvation, the mighty one who can rise up and turn things around for me," he said.

He then advised that you should not get used to God's silence because God can rise like the mighty man that he is and with a dimension of speed you can't tell. He will come to your life and save you, even in his coming, the bible says in the twinkling of an eye, we are caught up, God is not slacking concerning his promises to you. He said that he has seen more miracles in his life as a result of joy than prayer. He knows that it is difficult for you to believe because he js a man of prayer but it is true. He said that he has used joy as a classic proof that God has answered.

Further, he said that When he prays and he does not have joy, he remains there but the time joy comes everything will change. Anytime God wants to bring new anointing in his life, there is this extreme joy that he always feels. However, anytime you come in contact with this joy, verbalize it and declared it over your life and if you can sow into it then sow because the joy of the Lord is our strength.

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