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I closed up the church account and gave the money to Reinhard Bonnke - Dominion City G. O Reveals

The General Overseer of Dominion City Church worldwide, Rev. Dr. David Ogbueli reveals how he closed his church account and gave the money to the world-renowned Evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke during one of his crusade campaigns to Nigeria.

According to Rev. Ogbueli, Evangelist Bonnke spends over a million dollars in each of his crusades.

Ogbueli made this statement during one of his camp meetings in Lagos, telling the worshipers how good it is to give to the men of God.

He revealed that giving to the world-renowned Evangelist paved ways for him.

According to him, Evang. Bonnke was slack-jawed, saying he hasn't seen such from any Nigerian.

He prayed for him and blessed him.

Ogbueli finally encouraged his members not to be only a receiver, but a giver also. He concluded that giving to a man of God is like planting a seed that will surely germinate and bear fruits.

He added that the blessings released by the man of God may not last if one didn't back it up with a seed of appreciation.

He concluded in saying that giving to the men of God doesn't mean they are poor but it shows commitment and love. He said he never regretted closing his account because he wants to leave by example to show his members how pertinent it is to give without looking back or expect instant rewards.

He ended it by saying that he's not poor, so he is not asking them to give him money. He only wanted to tell them some secrets about success.

He gave illustrations on what Jesus said about giving to his disciples.

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