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7 Common enemies you must kill before they destroy your life

There are people who do know who/what their real enemies are. They keep channeling their fight towards the wrong direction; putting in much effort but realizing nothing eventually.

So many people's effort has been futile because they assume and fight what is not even fighting against them, and at the end, they make no remarkable achievement because they are yet to fight and destroy their common enemies.

What are these common enemies that you are supposed to destroy before they ruin your life?

1. Pride

2. Immorality

3. Selfishness

4. Envy

5. Laziness

6. Fear

7. Doubt

Pride brings downfall. You can never gain anything good from pride. God despises pride so much and sees it as an abomination (Proverbs 6:16-17).

Immortality attenuates the grace of God in one's life. And when the grace of God is no more existing in your life, the devil will have control over your life and destiny. Think of what you will become when the devil is in charge of your life and destiny.

Selfishness and envy work together. These are features which can ruin your relationship with people. They can hinder you from meeting your destiny helper. They are common enemies which you must fight to destroy.

Laziness has prevented so many people from achieving remarkable things in life. Laziness has killed so many dreams and opportunities. It is a common enemy you must kill before it kills opportunities coming your way.

Fear and doubt work together to hinder you from making bold steps to achieving success in life. These features drain away your confidence and fill you with faithlessness and inferiority complex. Fear and doubt are two great enemies of success.

May God help you destroy your common enemies in life, Amen!

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