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Here Is What Happens When A Catholic Priest Falls In Love

Love is an emotional feeling towards someone. When you are in love, its changes your behavior and approach towards that person. Love comes with care, passion, intimacy, commitment, protectiveness, attraction, affection and trust.

While Celibacy (from the Latin word “caelibatus") is a state when you voluntarily stay unmarried, or sexual abstinence. It is usually for religious purpose just like the Catholic priest that don't get married.

Both celibacy and love are two opposite things, they don't mix together because for you to celibrate, you can't be in love. The same thing goes to the Catholic priest, and why they don't get married.

Have you ever wondered what happens when a Catholic priest fall in love, or how a Catholic priest fall in love. So in my article today I will be discussing what happens if a priest falls in love, and if it is a sin for him to be fall in love.

It is not a sin for a Catholic priest to be in love, Pope Francis in an interview said he fell in love with a girl while he was in the seminary. The Priest is also human and they are bound to have emotions, but the Catholic church has made a doctrine that does not allow the Priest get married and no one can change it.

We have seen a lot of situation whereby a Catholic priest denounces his vows (leaves priesthood) because he fell in love and couldn't control it. The priest on the day of his ordination has vowed to celibrate all his life.

So if a Catholic priest falls in love, and the priest want to be with that particular lady that he love so much. The priest will go to his Bishop and tell him the situation on ground, and from there the priest will be given permission to marry the lady or go with her. But the priest will no longer be a Catholic priest.

By getting married to a lady that he loves, he is breaking the vow he made and that's why he will no longer be a priest, although he can still be a Catholic.

So that's exactly what happens when a priest falls in love. Share for more awareness.



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