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People should learn to accept Jesus Christ, here is what someone did to Jesus' picture

Jesus Christ came to die for our sins, he was crucified on the cross of Calvary because of us. When God created the Heaven and Earth, he meant for Peace to reign, he never really plan for humanity to suffer.

Everyone of us could remember how the story goes in the Bible. God strictly asked humanity not to eat from the fruit of life and death, but Satan came and deceived the woman, and the woman convinced the man to eat from the fruit of the tree of life and death, and that was how humanity was plunged into sin.

Targetted Picture

Ever since that time,humanity has been going through a lot of pains and agony. God decided to revive humanity for the second time but we failed for the second time when Cain killed Abel.

I was on Facebook when I came across this picture of Jesus Christ, I could not just ignore because Christians have been tasked to win souls for God, and should put effort into preaching the gospel to these people who have failed to realise that they are living without Jesus Christ in their lives.

Whoever edited this picture of Jesus Christ, has done this out of disrespect for God, he or she is a sinner and must be redeemed. As Christians, we will never condemn anyone for doing this, but we must make efforts to push these kind of people to repent.

It is high time we educate our societies about Jesus Christ the son of God, who died and rose because of sinners. We should ask God to forgive whoever edited this picture of Jesus Christ, and if this person is reading this article, please I urge you to change your ways because the second coming of Jesus Christ is near, and it shouldn't meet you as a sinner.

Thank you for reading.

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