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Pastor Kumuyi Warns Christians Against Protests Of Any Kind

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry spoke to his members about "Earthly Kingdom Soon To Be Displaced By Emmanuel Kingdom" at their recent Monday Bible Study.

In one of his subtopics, he spoke about, "The Wilfulness Of Mingled Christian-Carnal Kingdom Citizens" and said that these are people who have a part in the Kingdom, God said He will make them a Kingdom of priests. But unfortunately, they mingled with the heathen. It is a terrible thing when the people of God mix and mingle with the people of the world, the heathen.

When you adjust to the life of the heathen, little by little, you drop your convictions and in no time, you have lost all. By the turn of a year, you have become another thing. When you are with them, you don't want to rub off on them on the wrong side, hence you continue to change until you become zero, with no conviction left. Because of their compromise, the children of Israel partook of the punishment which came upon the heathen.

He then warned Christians against protest of any kind. He said, "Are we still separate as a church, in our practice, and conviction, are we still separate from those who protest whenever there is something they don't agree with, right or wrong, whether the people who did the wrong thing have realized and are looking at how to correct it, yet, from people outside, protest will begin. They protest in different ways: physical, riot violently, psychological, by scheming. etc. We must not riot, protest or fight as children of God."

He also said, "In our families, between husband and wife, parents and children, no protest, direct or indirectly, silent/quiet protest. Whether young or old, man or woman, we do not protest like the people of the world. In the church and in the schools we don't protest because it makes us to be like the people of them. How about the church? Some people during question and answers come to ask questions that indicate that they are protesting. Questions the pastor will not be able to answer. We are not to protest with the people physically, psychologically or with reactions or body language.

(Fast forward the VIDEO to 1 hour 35 minutes)

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