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"Having And Not Giving Is Often Worse Than Stealing" -Pastor Olukoya

The heart of giving is one every Christian should have. The blessings and miracles that accompanies giving is tremendous and we need to tap into those blessings. I am fascinated with the concept of giving and I do research on the topic. In the course of my research, I came across a detailed message on giving written by Pastor Daniel Olukoya. This message was rich in content and it covered multiple grounds on giving.

He opened up by saying that giving is a spirit and it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, it is within you and if you were not able to give when you were poor, you wont be able to do so when you are rich. 

He also went on to tackle those people that think that giving money is the only kind of giving, you can render your services or give your time. Then he said something that I don't really agree with; 'To Have, And Not To Give Is Often Worse Than Stealing'. In as much as I love and respect Pastor Olukoya, I think this statement is wrong and it wont be bad if he takes it back. Firstly, everything in the Christendom should be backed with the bible but this particular phrase have no backing. There is no place in the bible that claims that stealing and not giving are the same things.

A person that doesn't give out things is not a sinner but a person who steals other people's property is one. The two concepts and totally different and should not be compared. One involves hoarding things that belong to you for personally reasons while the other involves you taking things that don't belong to you. 

GIving is good but is shouldn't be forced. Giving is something that should come from the depth of your heart and you shouldn't coerced into doing it. 

The message was titled The Mysterious Power Of Generosity By Dr. D.K Olukoya and you could read it up if you want.

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