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Saturday Or Sunday : Which Day Should Christians Hold Special Service For God?

Some school of thoughts believed that Christians should worship on Saturday, which is the Sabbath day, the last day of the week. While another school of thoughts, who adhere to the dispensation of grace, were out of opinion that Christians all over the world should worship God on Sundays, which also referred to as the LORD's Day. Now, which of the two days above should Christians, the followers Christ and adherents of His teachings hold their special services unto the Lord?

First and formost, what do we mean by Sabbath day? It is the last day of the week which God commanded the children of Israel to keep because God rested on that very day out of all His works. Mind you it took God six good days to create heaven and the earth, including man, on the seventh day, God rested and when He was given 'Ten Commandments' to the children of Israel, He said they should keep the day holy for God, meanwhile, on that very day, the children of Israel used to hold special worship to God and during their services, they needed to come with their animals for burn offering. They would kill the animal and made use of it's blood for the atonement of their sins, mind you, without shedding of blood, there would be no remission of sin. In short, Sabbath day worship filled with shedding of animal's blood and none of the children of Israel would cook food on the Sabbath day, wherever smoke came to, they would stone the person or persons to death.

Meanwhile, Sunday, the first day of the week, otherwise known as the Lord's Day, was the day which early Church of God, I mean the early Christians, that is, the apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ used to gather together to worship and service the Lord. That day became a universal day for Christians all over the world to worship their God in truth and in holiness because, after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the true sacrifice which all the shedding of blood, in the old testament dispensation typified. Jesus Christ died for mankinds, once and for all, today we don't need to shed animal's blood again during our worship because Jesus Christ had come to fulfill Sabbath day worship. After third day in the tomb, which is Sunday morning, Jesus Christ resurrected from the death and began to appear to His disciples and many other people.

Mind you, before ascending to heaven, Jesus Christ spent good forty days on the earth after His resurrection and appeared to His disciples on Sundays, as He appeared to them, He would bless their gatherings, remember, the first Sunday He came Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ was not around but he was told, but he said he wouldn't believe until he saw Jesus Christ himself, on the following Sunday, Jesus appeared to them and challenged Thomas to be a believer.

Therefore, as from that time of resurrection of Jesus Christ, the early Church through the leading of the spirit of God had been gathering together on Sundays to serve and worship God in truth and holiness while God did pure his mighty blessings upon His people. Up till today, God still showers down His great blessings upon the Church of Christ.

May God Almighty bless you as you join other children of God to serve and worship God on this Sunday, in the name of Jesus Christ.

I wish you Happy And Blessed Sunday, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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