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Death: See The Man That His Blessings Keeps The World Talking!

He was very great Man humongous in Divine Essence and the realized intellectual and spiritual teacher. He was the supporting foundation of instructions, guidance and a Mentor to many leading them to the path of great realities. He was one of the best knower of Allah and whose knowledge spread across the world.

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Suleiman Ibn Abi Bakr Al-Jazulli Al-Simlali, popularly known as Imam Al-Jazulli, was born 1465 (804 AH) and demised around 1465 (870 AH), Imam Al-Jazulli was a Muslim Mystic leader from Berber tribe of the Jazulah that settled in Sus area of Morroco which lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas mountains. He is best known as the author of that great Muslim prayer book Dala'il Kyairat

Seventy seven years (77 years) after he passed away, his corpse were exhumed from where it was buried Sus to moved it Marrekech, when they dig up the corpse from his blessed grave they found out that the his body is still in the same state as it was buried 77years ago. The shave on his head was exactly how it was when he was buried, the eye, skin and hair nothing fade away.

He is among the seven (7)  Saints and Notables scholars of Marrekech and his tomb is one the major Mausoleum in Marrekech, visited by more than thousand people around the world every year. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

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Allah Imam Al-Jazulli Jazulah Marrekech Sus


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