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Wherever you are this Saturday, lay your right hand on your Forehead and Say these Powerful Prayers.

It makes no difference how long you've been praying and waiting on the Lord. God is at work, and he continues to be at work; there is no such thing as an impossible with our God. God will manifest himself in your heart in a powerful way.

As a Christian, put your faith to the test by praying these POWERFUL prayers. Don't make light of them. Take two minutes to concentrate on these prayers.

As you utter These Powerful Prayers, place your right hand on your forehead. You will receive if you believe.

1. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for all of your favors in the past; I am eternally thankful. Thank you, Lord, for what you're going to do in my life; I'll be a witness to the devil's shame.

2. Everything that has been planted in my life to make me a Carrier of Failure, of Reproach, of Shame, of Sorrows, of Disappointment, of Frustration, of Poverty, and of Barreness. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, I burn down such an evil garment through the Power of His Name.

3. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, uproot everything from my life that was not planted by my Heavenly Father.

4. May the Mighty Name of Jesus break every prison, cage, and calabash in which they have kept my possession. I am unapologetically free. Every spy in the form of a friend, sister, or brother is working against my life, success, and future. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, let them be exposed, Oh Lord.

5. Oh God, please send me customers today and for the rest of the week, and please make a Divine link in my life that will rewrite my story.

6. In Jesus' name, let no one look at my forehead today and reject me; at Jesus' name, let favor, promotion, plentiful Supply, Provision, and financial breakthrough find me at work, in my store, and in my business. AMEN.

Don't forget to say a Threefold Amen at the end of your prayers.

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