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Opinion: Are Private Jets Important For Pastoral Duties?

Well, based on my personal opinion, private jets are in no way important for the pastoral duties of a pastor. 

It is no new news that many Nigerian pastors own private jets, with some having four, some having two etc and when asked, they tell you that the private jet or jets is not theirs but belongs to the church, indicating that it is mainly for pastoral duties.

Now the question here is, are private jets really important for pastoral works?

Frankly speaking, considering the current setting we are in right now, the need for private jets is in no way important for pastoral duties as there are many other ways to spread the message of God aside using a private jet. Rather than purchase a private jet, it is better to use commercial flights as it is cheaper and saves a lot of money which will be used to cater for the need of people with special needs. It is a known fact that private jets are very expensive, with some costing a whooping sum of over forty million Dollars. Now, think about what such an amount will do for those in need. Aside from the money used for the purchase of the private jet, have you considered the amount used for the parking of the private jet, because as we all know, packing a private is not free, and it is also very expensive, because some private airport charge per day for the parking of a private jet. Now, looking at this, the money used for the packing of the private jet can be used for the booking of a commercial plane, which will be way cheaper and save for the church a lot of money. The money can be used for greater things like, helping the poor in different ways, the sick, opening charity homes etc

The most shocking thing here is that, the richest church in the world which is the Roman Catholic Church does not own a private jet. The Roman Catholic Church is the richest church in the world, with the pope standing as its head. For every single mission he embarks on, he uses a commercial plane.

The sad thing here is that, some Nigerian pastors own more than one private jet, and they all claim it is for the church. There is no need of mentioning names as we know some of them already.

All the points stressed here are based on personal opinion.

What are your thoughts on this?

Let us know that in the comment section below.

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