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Three(3) reasons you should be careful about your neighbour. Word of wisdom

Three(3) Reasons you should be careful about your neighbour. Success tips.

According to Oxford dictionary, neighborhood is define as a district or an area of a town; people who live in there: neighborhood is compose of neighbors, that is, people who live with us or the people that live where you reside. 

Over the years, I have discovered eighty(80) percent of the problems that man battle in life are usually from his immediate neighbors, that is people who live with him. 

I am not writing this article from the spiritual point of view, am writing from the reality phase of life. Successful people are successful because they understand the principle to success and they choose to follow it. One of the principle to success is to be careful about people who live around you. I will give you three good reason why you should be careful about your neighbors.

1. They know your secret.

Have you ever heard the sayings, "the powerful man is undefeated because his secret is unknown". Everyone under the earth has one or two weaknesses he or she manage with his life. Your neighbors are the first people to know this weakness of yours, and if you are not very careful about them, they can attack you with the point of weakness to defeat you, when you do them wrong. I tell people with vision and focus, they should be very very careful in exposing their life's secrets to their neighbors, if they want to realise their goal, because they are very desperate in bringing you down with that. Success or goal achievement is a big task that requires big doings, that is why only few are successful because everyone cannot do the big things. 

2. They are very selfish.

Home fight is the worst and most deadly war. Why do you think is the most deadly?. It is because you are connected to their identity, so it is very difficult to escape their problem because you can deny them. Every household run for individual interest and the interest become the subject for competition. The more your interest thrive, the more pressure you are putting yourself among your neighbors. The more pressure, the more negative impression that will be put on you. Human nature is selfish, according to the ideal philosophy by plato. We always put our interest the first without for caring the others, even religion confirm it. The problem is individual selfish interest is at war and the war is very deadly to kill weak interest, even if your interest is successful, you will be held responsible for the failure of your neighbor interest, because you are related to them. They will always find who to blame. You must be careful on how you will realize your interest, which is your success around your neighbors or neighborhood. No one want you be successful more than he or she do, except yourself. Use your sense.

3. They are your home.

Home is a place where one reside, is a dwelling place of abode for one.

 Is a place where there should be peace and comfort. Just like how we says, Earth is just the journey, while heaven is the real home of man. The same way we should conceptualize our home or where we live. Your home shouldn't be a place of clash or problems. It should be where you should live when there is problem outside your house. And if you want to make your neighboring residence to be your comfort zone. You must be careful about them. You shouldn't treat or share relation with them like the way you treat the strangers. You should avoid any problematic relationship with your neighbors to avoid problem. A home with no peace is just a typical example of hell. A good person will share peaceful relationship with his or her neighbour. Sometimes, not all relationships is worthwhile sharing with our neighbors because they have strong tendencies of causing clash and trouble with our neighborhood.

 A 95 years old man told me one day after a serious life-threatening trouble with me and my neighbor, he told me how to live in peace with my neighbor. I asked him, what is the way of peace living? He replied. The way of peace living is the habit of outside relationship. I asked him, what do you meant by outside relationship?. He answered, Outside relationship is the relationship we share with the outsider, not the insider. He further explained, Many times we thought our neighbors is the right person to share relations with, but we forget they are the first enemy to attack us. Our first enemy from birth is our neighborhood, we must be very careful in relating with them. Sharing relationship with the outsider help us live in peace and not in pieces with our neighbors because your home or where you reside should be the place where you dwell in peace. 

After I received this lectures by this old man. I was stunned and started practicing the principle. Am glad to inform you, am hundred percent free from troubles around my neighbor's.


Our first problem is usually comes from our neighbor's or people we live with as a person. Success is big thing that need big requirements. One of the big requirements is to be careful about our neighborhood. Thank you for reading. Let me know your feedback in the comment section.

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